Jersey Rouleurs Welcomes E-Bikes


The Jersey Sport CEO Catriona McAllister, pictured above in a rather garish yellow snood, recently became the first E-biker to join the group on their rides.

“I have really enjoyed the experience of riding regularly with the Rouleurs and myself and my E-bike have been made to feel very welcome,” she said.

“I knew I would struggle to keep up on the hills but really wanted to have the social benefits of riding in a group.  It’s too easy to talk yourself out of it when you ride alone but being part of a group that is so supportive and genuinely want to help get more people on bikes is great, it inspires me to get out every weekend.

“Riding an e-bike helps with the hills but you still get all the benefits of being active and they are a fantastic way of getting people to take up cycling or to get people back into it.  No matter what level you ride at or type of bike you ride, the Rouleurs has a group for you.  For me it has also been a great way to meet new friends having recently moved to the island.”

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