La Bernard Hinault, Itinerary

Just a few notes for the upcoming trip to the Bernard Hinault sportive next weekend.

We are a big group travelling in 4 cars and a van and the logistics for this aren’t easy so please be patient when we all attempt to get ourselves packed in and bikes strapped on etc. With that in mind, we can’t leave this to the last minute to all assemble at the harbour so we will need a bit of cooperation in the days before next Friday to collect bikes and any non-essential luggage.

The weekend timetable will look something like this:

Thursday afternoon/early evening – Meet for collection of bikes and luggage for as many riders as possible.
Friday 07:30 – Meet at harbour to pack remaining bikes and luggage, arrange convoy and check in for crossing at 09:00.
Friday 11:30 – Arrive St Malo and drive to St Brieuc to Ibis Styles hotel to check in.
Friday 13:30 – Wander to St Brieuc centre for lunch and to pick up water for bottles (don’t drink tap water).
Friday 14:30 – Unpack bikes and prepare to ride to sign on. The team car will follow to sign on.
Friday 16:00/17:00 – After sign on, leave paperwork in the car and head out for an hour to ‘leg Stretch’ and to see the final climb.
Friday 18:00 – return to Hotel for shower and change.
Friday 18:45 – assemble in bar near hotel.
Friday 19:30 – Dinner at Stella Marais Italian restaurant.
Friday 23:00 – Bed.
Saturday 06:00 – Breakfast.
Saturday 07:30 – Leave hotel to race HQ (apart from Martin who will already have left for the 195Km start at 08:00).
Saturday 09:00 – Race start (120km).
Saturday 09:30 – Race start (80km).
Saturday 13:00 – Everybody back at race HQ for lunch after their races.
Saturday 15:00 – Prizegiving.
Saturday 15:30 – Back at hotel for shower, change & sleep.
Saturday 18:15 – Start to assemble at local bar.
Saturday 19:30 – Dinner at Le Chaudron.
Saturday 23:00 – Bed.
Sunday 08:30 – Breakfast.
Sunday 11:00 – check out, bikes on cars, luggage in cars and make our way to St Malo.
Sunday 13:00 – Arrive in St Malo for lunch /drinks/free time. Cars to be parked ‘in sight’ of restaurant.
Sunday 16:00 – Check in for ferry to Jersy.
Sunday 18:10 – Arrive back in Jersey (approx. time).
Please arrange, where possible, to be picked up on our return to Jersey.

Both restaurants have a casual attire dress code but please, no ripped jeans. Polo shirts and short sleeved shirts with jeans are more suitable for the Saturday evening.

A few of you have asked about the costs. It is estimated at £250 for the weekend and that includes your travel and accommodation and race entry. However, in order to make it fair, and as Ian is not making money from anyone he needs to work the total costs of the trip before he can divide it by the number of people going (and work the exchange rates), so, please bear with him on this as it may be after the event that you are asked for money.

So, to the logistics bit of shipping 20 + people and bikes to France. If possible, Ian would like to collect as many bikes and bits of luggage as possible during Wednesday and Thursday evenings so on Friday morning we have the quickest meeting and departure possible. Please consider packing your cycling shoes and helmets (if they are not going to be used for training on Thursday) and any extras & clothes such that on Friday morning you are travelling with the minimum quantity. Please have a think about how you are getting to and from the harbour on Friday and Sunday. If you have a wife, girlfriend or partner that is bringing and collecting you and can take your bike too then I need to know so that your bike can be packed close to the outside of the vehicle to enable rapid disembarkation. I am sure you all get the gist of what is being said here. In short, let Ian know if you need your bike collecting, if you can deliver it to him on Wednesday or Thursday or if you are running the gauntlet and bringing it to the harbour on Friday morning. The last person to arrive on Friday with a bike is getting the first round of coffee when we are on board (that could be expensive).

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